Because the road can be unpredictable, you need something you can rely on until help arrives. With First Aid Supplies, Booster Cables, Reflective Vest, Personal Care items, Ultra Bright Lanterns and more, the PRPRD Auto Basics Kit keeps you ready to deal with disruptions on the road. With the essentials you need neatly packed in a heavy-duty, dust-resistant case, you can focus on the road and know you are prepared.


The compact size makes it perfect for storing your car’s trunk without taking too much of the storage space.

PRPRD Auto Basics

    Inside Length (in.) 14-7/8 in.
    Inside Width (in.) 10-5/8 in.
    Inside Height (in.) 6-1/8 in.


    Polypropylene with rubber seals



PRPRD for Pets

Pet preparedness kits and supplies coming soon.