Natural disasters and emergencies can completely turn your life upside down.


At PRPRD, we know exactly what the fear, panic, and helplessness during an unpredictable situation can feel like. We’ve seen how bad it can be when you don’t have the basic necessities to get through the aftermath. With the occurrences of natural disasters increasing every year, we sought to help people generally be more prepared for any situation that comes their way. And that’s where it all began.


Since 2016, we have been developing and testing our products with the goal of creating some of the most comprehensive emergency kits on the market. Whether it be for homes, businesses, vehicles, or schools, we’ve got your preparation needs covered.


Every PRPRD kit has been expertly curated to consider, not only survival, but also basic personal care. Carefully designed, each kit is enclosed in a water-tight, heavy-duty, dust-proof case to keep your supplies and personal belongings secure.


PRPRD kits are compact in size, yet filled to the brim with specific items for all you and your loved ones' s needs. From lighting, to nutrition, to feminine care, our aim is to help you never have to sacrifice health, safety, comfort, or hygiene in the event of the unknown.


Emergency Preparation. Simplified.

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